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High Heat Adaptor rings are used in Hot Mop shower waterproofing applications. The 2 in. ID Non-Threaded Flange will accommodate most linear drain outlets including all Goof Proof Linear Drains. The 2 in. ID Threaded Flange adapts to most cast iron drain bodies. These rings are a must when using the hot mop method of waterproofing.

  • Adaptors used in Hot Mop shower waterproofing applications
  • The 2" ID Threaded Ring will accommodate most cast iron drains to use standard threaded drain risers including Goof Proof Square Drain, Ebbe, Sioux Chief, Oatey, Zurn, ProFlo, Plumbing Products, Jones Stephens, Frank Pattern and more
  • The 2" ID Non-Threaded Ring is for use with Goof Proof Linear Drains plus many other linear drains
  • 6" OD / 0.60 thickness
  • Heavy duty PPS material
  • Low profile
  • Integrated weep holes
  • Rated to 500 degrees


High Heat Non Threaded top                   Top View


High Heat non threaded ring bottom                Bottom View


High Heat Threaded top


High Heat threaded ring bottom