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Universal Center Ring product and bag Univ Cent Ring 6 Univ Cent Ring 5 Universal ring with a square drain universal ring with Ebbe drain shower stall Center ring half mud2
The Quick Pitch Universal Center Ring was designed to adapt Quick-Pitch Standard Float Sticks to taller, after-market drain risers or when riser thickness is more than 1/4 in. immediately under the drain grate. This produces the ability to adjust the riser down lower, to become flush to the incoming floor tile, than the Standard Ring would allow. Equipped with both 2 in. and 3 in. snap-in inserts to match the threaded portion of most drain risers. The Universal Center Ring has 24 Quick-Pitch float stick attachment slots positioned every 15 degrees around the top of the ring. This larger, 6 in. inside ring diameter accommodates up to 4in. round and square thicker drain risers and stands 1-3/8 in. tall.  Extra Float Stick Kit XFS-101.2 is recommended for use with the Universal Ring.